high flyer

high flyer
High-priced and highly speculative stock that moves up and down sharply over a short period. Generally glamorous in nature due to the capital gains potential associated with them; also used to describe any high-priced stock. Antithesis of sleeper. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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high flyer ˌhigh ˈflyer also high flier noun [countable]
1. an extremely successful person, organization etc:

• Retailing is not generally the first career choice of young high fliers.

• The group was a high flier in the 1980s when it expanded rapidly through acquisitions, but profits later collapsed.

2. FINANCE shares or other investments that are doing well on the stock exchange:

• Other high fliers included water and electricity shares.

— high-flying adjective :

• High-flying tech stocks continued surrendering some of the gains they've made since the beginning of the year.

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high flyer UK US noun [C] (also high flier)
an extremely successful business or organization: »

The former technology high flyer lost £6m in the June half year.

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE a share whose price is increasing very quickly: »

There was more profit-taking in the recent high flyer, which closed 25p lower at £10.03 after this week's solid figures.


The high-flyer tech stock came a little nearer earth, dropping 132.5p to 1,875p.

someone who has a lot of ability and a strong wish to be successful and is therefore expected to achieve a lot: »

A well-regarded business manager, he is a high flyer in all areas of his life.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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